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Makeup for eyes after 50 is correct

Do you usually try to follow makeup trends or just make-up the way you want? Cover photo @sarahcamerlo_makeup With age, the Makeup for eyes becomes more and more difficult: the overhanging eyelid interferes, it is not clear how to hide the swelling. Some women try to follow the trends and repeat the makeup that they saw on the catwalk. However, the problem is that life hacks for young people do not always work after 50. Quite by chance, we can emphasize our shortcomings, we just need to put the color in the wrong place or completely forget about it. So, there are 2 main mistakes that make eye makeup age. Mistake 1 - the lower eyelid is brighter than the...

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I dressed like Kim Kardashian for the day.

Famous people have long included spandex, shiny latex shorts, over the knee boots, huge sunglasses, tuxedos without a bra and fully transparent tops in their wardrobe. Kim Kardashian is one of the most "furious" fans of this style. The 27-year-old Lebanese actress Agatha Ezzedin is proud of her “dimensions” similar to Kardashian’s forms. She decided to try on the style of a star and walk in similar clothes along the streets of London. About the experiment told The Sun.  Credit: Nick Obank - The Sun While the 37-year-old Kim Kardashian has a whole staff of stylists, personal trainers and makeup artists, “ordinary woman” Agatha Ezzedin approached the matter of choosing outfits herself. She studied Kardashian’s photo on Instagram and went...

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