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People order tracksuits. What are the fashion trends for the virus?

Negative news and moods are already really tired. Including in the field of fashion: which companies and how much have lost, which brands have closed. It’s better to discuss something neutral and funny - for example, here’s this: during the coronavirus epidemic, several trends appeared that might not have formed at other times. Shopping, as such, has not disappeared, but the attention of buyers was not directed to dresses and skirts, but to tracksuits in which you can sit at home and go to the store. And nowhere else is there. What other habits have people developed?People order tracksuits. What are the fashion trends for the virus? Clothing for Zoom: people more often buy top than bottom Fashion portals discuss...

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How to wear a hit of the season - blue and all its shades?

Things of blue color could well lie in your wardrobe for years, envious of the demand for beige, olive and coral. But now blue suddenly found itself at the peak of popularity. That's because, as you know, it is chosen in the color of 2020. The shade is complex, deep and multifaceted. The question arises: how to use it, with what to combine so that it is stylish and appropriate?

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Workout leggings: models and rules of choice.

Modern youth strives to be in shape, look beautiful and fit. For this, physical development programs are provided that allow you to lead an active lifestyle and regularly visit fitness gyms and sports clubs. Part of the sports equipment is Workout leggings, which are ideal for stretching, jumping and special exercises of any complexity. These clothes play an important role in ensuring the convenience and effectiveness of training, so it is important to choose the right model of sports trousers.  What is fitness (training)? Today it is very fashionable to lead a healthy lifestyle and engage in fitness (Workout ). Fitness is not just a sport, but a long-term practice of athletes, coaches and doctors, aimed at supporting physical fitness...

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Womens fashion tracksuits

Fashionable tracksuit - universal women's clothing 2020-2021 for different occasions. It has long ceased to be just a robe for attending physical education classes and fitness clubs. In 2020-2021, the popularity of this clothing will reach its peak thanks to various fields of application. The styles presented by the designers are so diverse that they allow you to wear a suit for both sports and everyday life.

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